HoSaS Setup

VKB Gladiator NXT EVO Premium with Omni left.

Patch 3.23

The HoSas setup is very personal and important.

What I am offering here, is how I am currently using the HoSaS. See this as a suggestion or a guideline to refine the layout to how it works best for you.

The Layout of it needs to match how you are playing, what your favorite game-loops are. and how you move your hands the best and fastets to the buttons you need to go.

I didn’t put the Axis of the sticks in that chart. As it was already a lot of buttons and information to put on those images. So I wanted to keep it simple and therefore I add them here:


X- strafe left/right
Y- throttle forwd./backw.d
Z- strafe up/down
X- roll
Y- pitch
Z- yaw

Download the full image for your your use clicking the button below.

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