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Welcome to the vast and exciting universe of  the space simulation Star citizen. As a space simulation gamer, I have explored galaxies, piloted spacecrafts, and engaged in intense interstellar battles.

My love for the stars and the idea to travel through space i am carrying since early childhood. Through my virtual journeys, I have deepend my appreciation for the mysteries and wonders of the cosmos, as well as the incredible feats of engineering and technology that enable humanity to venture beyond our planet.

From managing a space station to exploring alien worlds, space simulation games offer an unparalleled immersive experience that allows us to fulfill our dreams of space travel and discovery.

So buckle up, set your coordinates, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure through the stars!

January 2024 Subscribers Promotion

Kastak Arms Devastator ‘Whirlwind’ Shotgun

  • This special Whirlwind edition of the Devastator shotgun features analogous shades of blue reminiscent of waves on a turbulent sea.
  • Current Centurion-level Subscribers get this item as part of their subscriptions.

Whirlwind Paint Collection

  • Give your ships a daring new look with the Whirlwind paint scheme, mixing various shades of blue in a pattern evoking the stripes of a wild animal, or perhaps waves on a turbulent ocean.
  • Current Imperator-level Subscribers get this item and the above Centurion-level item as part of their subscriptions.

Finish Line Perfect Collection

  • Pay homage to classic racing looks and liveries with the Finish Line Complete Collection, featuring paint schemes for the Aopoa Nox, Tumbril Cyclone, and Greycat STV, and a special-edition Behring FS-9 LMG.
  • This collection is available for all Subscribers to pledge for in the Subscriber-Exclusive Store.

I love Star Citizen for the boundless exploration, realism, and sense of adventure they provide, all within the fascinating cosmos.

Adding high-quality graphics, amazing people to play with and a dept of a game that has nothing that is coming close to what Star Citizen has to offer.

It’s current Patch is 3.21 – it’s still in an Alpha state and everything is always up for change. Joining this game means to take part in a crowdfunding for a big dream. 

Get ready for unforgettable adventures out in space. Check out my youtube channel: youtube.com/@X-Wings-X-gam

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